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The Bonnstetter Family name has been traced to Salzbach and Hemsbach Germany. Salzbach is located 1 kilometer south of Hemsbach, Germany. If you want to learn more, while practicing your German, please visit their website:  http://www.hemsbach.de/

The Catholic Church located in Hemsbach contains the marriage records of many Bonnstetter family members. Michael Bonnstetter arrived in the United States in 1848. His brother Martin followed a few years later. All with the name Bonnstetter in the United States are related and are in Michael and Martin’s Family tree.

Bill J. Bonnstetter, Dave Bonnstetter (son of Bill) and Ronald J Bonnstetter (Bill’s brother), all have visited Salzbach and Hemsbach several times. On one of the trips, a war memorial was found memorizing those from Salzbach who had lost their lives in the war with France in 1870. Johanna Bonnstetter (spelled differently) was listed on the memorial.

Another piece of the puzzle surfaced in the summer of 2015 when James Bonnstetter had email conversations with a family in Germany who said that at a point in time, one brother of Bonnstetter, changed the spelling to Bonnstaedter.  We actually met the family and a picture of Dieter is below. Much more needs to be done to verify when and who may have made these name changes. I also suggest that we have the German family run a DNA test and match that against findings we presently have on Ron and Bill.


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